Download: MatrikonOPC Connects Foxboro DCS to Rockwell RSView32 HMI to Identify Inefficiencies and Optimize Operations

"Matrikon's OPC server for Foxboro I/A provided us with the ease of use, stability and data access that we needed to properly implement a Data Acquisition System."
Sohail Zaidi, E&I Manager for ICI Pakistan

Innovative Automation & Engineering Limited (IAEL), an integrator based in Pakistan, was contracted by ICI Pakistan Limited in early 2004 to establish a system whereby their polyester fiber plant could acquire critical data to calculate the plant’s process efficiency. The system would calculate the amount of raw utilities, such as steam, nitrogen, water and electricity, needed to produce polyester fiber. By integrating an intelligent Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, ICI would be able to reduce routine maintenance costs.

Six distributed data acquisition systems, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs, were connected to the main Foxboro Distributed Control System (DCS), over a high-speed deterministic ControlNet communication network. In addition, remote Modbus RTUs gathered electric power information. Process parameters already available in the existing Foxboro DCS-based process control system and required for the objective process-efficiency calculation were accessed through OPC. Arif Shuja, Technical Sales Engineer with Innovative Automation & Engineering, said, "Integrating OPC not only saved costs but also saved the enormous task of implementing a parallel instrumentation system."

The project was successfully implemented as a complete turn-key solution. Rockwell’s RSView32 HMI was to be used to display the data from the Foxboro DCS. Innovative Automation & Engineering choose to install Matrikon’s OPC Server for Foxboro to make the connection between the Foxboro AW51 and the RSView32 application. Approximately 300 tags are monitored and any DCS is now available on the LAN for monitoring.

Once integration was complete, the system showed a complete energy and mass balance. By properly monitoring the actual steam produced in boilers and comparing it with steam used by each production unit, steam losses were identified. Electrical power was also monitored and losses identified. The EMS (Energy Management Solutions) provides improved equipment reliability, improved process control, $220,000 annual energy savings, and a simple payback time of less than 2 years. The OPC Server for Foxboro serves data for both EMS and DAS (Data Acquisition System), making it a state-of-the-art Data Centralization System.

"MatrikonOPC provided us with the OPC interfaces we needed to establish communication between multi-vendor systems," says Shuja. "This was my first experience with Matrikon. I appreciated their professional and timely approach towards helping me, not to mention their vast selection of OPC interfaces. Matrikon lived up to their reputation."

Management at ICI were also impressed with the quality of the technology and services provided by Innovative Automation & Engineering and Matrikon.

"Matrikon's OPC server for Foxboro I/A provided us with the ease of use, stability and data access that we needed to properly implement a Data Acquisition System," said Sohail Zaidi, E&I manager for ICI Pakistan. "We are pleased with the performance of Matrikon's OPC Server for Foxboro, IAEL's initiative for Open Data Access and appreciate the support we received from their personnel during the integration process. IAEL and Matrikon's commitment to innovative ideas and technical support truly makes open connectivity very easy, regardless of the brand of DCS or PLC systems installed."

All of the data from the Foxboro DCS is presented through a web-browser for convenient data and report analysis. The next phase is to link the DCS with the SAP ERP system.

A subsidiary of Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd (ECPL), Innovative Automation and Engineering has been serving process industry for more than a decade by providing comprehensive sensor-to-boardroom industrial instrumentation and automation solutions. With offices in Karachi and Lahore and branches in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Innovative Automation is Pakistan’s largest instrumentation and automation company.


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