Download: Matrikon and Nova Biomedical Develop OPC Server for Nova BioProfile Analyzers

July 22, 2004 (Edmonton, Alberta) – Matrikon and Nova Biomedical today announced the availability of the OPC Server for Nova BioProfile Chemistry Analyzers. This new software provides OPC connectivity to Nova BioProfile Analyzers, enabling the analyzers to transfer analytical data on key chemistries to any bioreactor controlling software that is OPC compliant. This critical data enables controllers to initiate real-time feedback control to optimize the bioprocess.

"This is a big step forward for those who use Nova BioProfile analyzers," says Harlan Polishook, Marketing Communications Manager for Nova Biomedical. "The OPC plug & play technology enables users to visualize, analyze, and report data using applications from any OPC compliant software vendor."

Bioreactor controllers from such leading manufacturers as Sartorius BBI Systems (formerly B. Braun Biotech), Applikon, and Broadley-James are also OPC compliant.

"The proliferation of OPC has enabled us to offer the benefits of OPC technology to the healthcare industry," says OPC Product Manager at Matrikon. "We are pleased to have worked together with Nova Biomedical, a leader in their industry, to develop this OPC server."

OPC is a published communication standard originally developed for the process control industry. With over 300 OPC interfaces commercially available and the ability to connect disparate systems together, OPC is gaining popularity in other industries including discrete manufacturing and healthcare.

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