Download: ScadaOne Uses MatrikonOPC to Connect SCADA Devices to ODBC Compliant SCADA System

"OPC saved us thousands of dollars in protocol development and database integration costs."
Scott Scherer, President of ScadaOne

ScadaOne, a New Jersey based integration company, developed Scada 24/7, a new product that enables users to access their SCADA system via the Internet. It is an Internet-based application that provides access to SCADA and security information. MatrikonOPC was chosen to satisfy the data connectivity requirements.

The Need to Interface with Multiple Technologies
There were two main requirements for the communication infrastructure. First, the integrator needed to create a gateway from any OPC server to a real-time web application using a variety of technologies, including HTML, DHTML, Flash, Cold Fusion, and ASP. And second, the integrator needed to enable communication with DNP3 devices and store the data in an open system environment.

The OPC Solution
OPC DriverTo enable the SCADA package to communicate with any OPC compliant driver, ScadaOne chose the MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC. The MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC enables any ODBC-compliant database, in this case Scada 24/7, to exchange process data with any OPC compliant server.

To enable communication with DNP3 devices, ScadaOne installed and configured the OPC Server for DNP3. Whenever the SCADA application needed data from a DNP3 device, it would send a request to the MatrikonOPC Server for DNP3, via the MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC. In return, the server would either provide the requested information to the SCADA application from cache or it polled the actual device for information, depending on the client’s request.

The Result of an OPC Communication Infrastructure
Integration went smoothly, and the project was completed in August, 2004. An initial 30 points were connected and ScadaOne expects the total to rise to 30,000 points by the third quarter of 2005. These points are read at intervals ranging from 5-10 seconds and 20% of them are being written to.

Because OPC is Plug & Play technology, ScadaOne was able to integrate the infrastructure without MatrikonOPC’s assistance.

"OPC saved thousands of dollars in protocol development and database integration," said Scott Scherer, President of ScadaOne. "The alternative would have been to use multiple databases and custom written gateways. This would have forced us to specialize on one manufacturers system."

Scherer added: "Our first experience with Matrikon was excellent. We went with them based on recommendations by hardware suppliers. I was very pleased with all aspects of the project. Everything from pre-sales to technical support to follow-up."

About ScadaOne
ScadaOne a business unit of Zynite Technologies, LLC brings together a unique team of industry professionals to create Advanced Scada Solutions for the water, wastewater, and energy management industries delivered on time within tight budgets. Out team consists of SCADA Engineers, SCADA programmers and Web Site Developers to bring you the highest quality systems available today. We have the financial resources to complete a large project and strong affiliations and reseller agreements with leading manufacturers of industrial control and computer companies. Visit ScadaOne's website at

OPC Driver

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