DDE Server for GE Digi 4 Plus

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The MatrikonOPC Server for Kaye Instruments DigiLink 4 Plus provides access to DigiLink 4 Plus and DigiStrip 4 Plus devices data using the Kaye DigiLink Binary data format. The MatrikonOPC server is installed on a Windows PC and uses RS-232 to Kaye device.

Kaye Digi systems have been the standard of the pharmaceutical industry for many years. They are designed for calculation intensive applications requiring fast data collection and output. With computational and communications capabilities, the Digi systems can serve as an intelligent computer front end, a remote terminal unit (RTU), a distributed SCADA system, a batch controller or a stand-alone measurement system.

Features of the MatrikonOPC Server for (data source/device) include:

  • Fully compliant with OPC™ Data Access Specification 1.0a, 2.05 and 3.0
  • Permits read and write access items configured within a DigiLink 4 Plus or a
        DigiStrip 4 Plus
  • Requires minimal configuration after installation
  • Performs extensive error tracking and management

  • Technical Details

    MatrikonOPC's Industrial Strength Guarantee
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