Easy OPC UA and OPC Classic Integration

Mix, Match, & Migrate New and Existing OPC Infrastructure

OPC UA OPC Classic

Challenge: Growing OPC UA adoption makes it increasingly necessary to mix existing OPC Classic infrastructure with new OPC UA based components. The problem is that OPC Classic and OPC UA applications do not communicate directly.

Solution: Matrikon® OPC UA Tunneller (UAT) provides a secure and reliable 'one-stop-shop' application that enables you to easily integrate any combination of OPC UA and OPC Classic components:

OPC Client and OPC Server connection

Matrikon® Mission
At Matrikon we believe everyone should have easy access to open standards based, secure, robust, and reliable data connectivity to all their systems. To be free to mix, match, & migrate infrastructure components whenever and wherever needed for seamless interoperability. To get the expert training and support needed in the short and long term existing and emerging technologies can be best used to by our customers to maximize safety, efficiency, quality, and their bottom line.