OPC Training: Hands-On Workshops & Courses

MatrikonOPC is the world’s leading OPC training and educational resource provider. From its global, multilingual, hands-on OPC workshops  to self-directed web based courses - MatrikonOPC has OPC training options to suit industry’s needs.  Known for its pragmatic "Learn from those who do" approach, MatrikonOPC offers a unique OPC training experience only instructors with extensive onsite OPC project expertise can deliver. As the most recognized OPC Certification program in the market, MatrikonOPC Training takes their graduate’s careers to the next level by distinguishing them as a MatrikonOPC Certified Professional.

The courses offer a perfect blend of theoretical explanations of how OPC and the underlying foundation technologies work along with hands-on, practical applications of the material being presented. The instructors are knowledgeable, personable individuals who not only know the material from the point of view of academia, but also have spent extensive time in MatrikonOPC’s development and/or support departments.
Joseph Cody. Data Integration Engineer. Novaspect, Inc.