MatrikonOPC Historical Data Access Suite

Accessing historical data via OPC has never been easier with the World’s largest collection of OPC HDA Servers.

Companies all over the world are frantically searching for the next magical metric that will change the way that they do business. Why not get easier access to your companies’ data via the MatrikonOPC collection of OPC HDA Servers.

MatrikonOPC Historical Data Access Servers

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Pacesetters in Historical Data Access
MatrikonOPC has always been on the cutting edge of OPC Historical Data innovation. As a company we have prided ourselves on our commitment to developing the HDA specification with the OPC Foundation by chairing the OPC HDA Steering Committee.

MatrikonOPC was also the first company to develop true "Hub and Spoke" historical data access for geographical dispersed locations. Hub and Spoke OPC technology refers to MatrikonOPC’s solution for solving the problem of needing to store and forward data. Through this revolutionary use of OPC technology, MatrikonOPC is able to provide a robust solution that not only guarantees data delivery to an enterprise historian, but also enables onsite historical data retrieval.

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The MatrikonOPC Advantage
MatrikonOPC, the leaders in OPC technology provide significant value to the manufacturing space. The customers of MatrikonOPC rely on MatrikonOPC because MatrikonOPC:

  • Plays a key role in the OPC foundation
  • Have expertise in OPC technology training
  • Have OPC expertise deployed in all parts of the world
  • Have a breadth of OPC device connectivity
  • Serves as a focal point for all aspects of OPC connectivity
  • Works with all vendors to achieve true interoperability
  • Lead in technology innovation
  • Is hardware agnostic
  • Global Presence
    With 18 offices globally, MatrikonOPC is always where the customers are. MatrikonOPC is known in all parts of the world as The OPC Experts. Having a global presence enables MatrikonOPC to react quickly to customer problems in the customer’s time zone. MatrikonOPC is the only company in the world with a depth of engineering knowledge and the expertise in designing and implementing advanced OPC-centric data architectures anywhere in the world.

    Industrial Strength Data Connectivity through Quality and Support
    At MatrikonOPC we take our promise of providing users with reliable OPC technology extremely seriously. We have constructed some of the strictest Quality Assurance standards on the market today. Their mission is to eliminate troublesome issues so that users will have a truly plug-and-play experience.

    Training Expertise
    MatrikonOPC has trained the world on OPC. 1000’s of people have been brought into the world of OPC via MatrikonOPC’s training expertise. If people are using OPC, learning how to do it right from the same vendor who ships the software is the best way to ensure success.

    MatrikonOPC is truly the “all-in-one” solution provider for connectivity to all industry standard devices.