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Matrikon® Data Broker MQTT Publisher [Extension]


Use MQTT Publisher to enable MDB to securely publish its data over the popular Message Que Telemetry Transport (MQTT). MQTT Publisher is a dedicated Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) extension.

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The following diagram illustrates a typical architecture using MDB and the MQTT Publisher extension.

Note: if your shopfloor data sources are behind a firewall or DMZ, refer to the MDB webpage to learn how you can easily overcome these common challenges.

Use Cases
  • Data is often published over MQTT in one-to-many scenarios where an MQTT publisher makes data available to MQTT subscribers. The connectionless aspect of MQTT makes it a popular choice for WAN (internet) based applications because it avoids the types of security threats associated with point-to-point connection-based transports.
  • MQTT Publisher uses OPC UA PubSub compliant JSON data encoding to maximize interoperability. This minimizes future sustainability challenges associated with supporting custom JSON encoding
Download MQTT Publisher

MQTT Publisher runs on Windows and as a Linux container. Please download the version of MQTT Publisher best suited to your environment.

MQTT Publisher Version Download to use
Linux Container

Note : Download either the Linux or Windows version of Matrikon OPC UA Explorer to configure this version of MQTT Publisher


MQTT Publisher User Manual
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