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OPC Archiving and Analytics

Historical data has never been this easy to configure, store, and transfer. Exposing historical data using standards-based OPC HDA enables users to easily "tap-in" to the data flow at any point. MatrikonOPC has the tools you need to store, move, and access historical data.

  • OPC Excel Reporter – Easily create production & performance reports…
  • Easy OPC Trender – Transform your OPC HDA data into knowledge…
  • OPC Client for ODBC – Quickly log data into any database…
  • OPC Desktop Historian – Lightweight historian for time-based data storage…
  • OPC A&E Historian – Store A&E data from any data source into one repository…
  • OPC History Link – Transfer and consolidate historical data between historians…
  • OPC Buffer – Remote data collection and buffering tool…
  • OPC Critical Event Buffer – High speed data capture for critical events…
  • OPC HDA Explorer – Quickly connect to HDA OPC Server…
  • Matrikon Condition Manager – Manage a condition management…

      Excel Reporter
    Excel Reporter is an OPC Client for Excel that transforms Excel into a reporting tool for your process and equipment data. Connect to any real-time (OPC DA) or historical (OPC-HDA) data source. Sample reports make getting started a snap. Easily create production, quality and performance reports. Excel Reporter is an out-of-the-box solution that is easy to set up, configure and manage - get up and running in less than 5 minutes. More Info

      Easy OPC Trender
    Easy OPC Trender is an intuitive and powerful OPC Trending Client. Transform your OPC HDA data into knowledge that can be used to improve processes and increase operational efficiency. With OPC-HDA, you can connect to any process historian data source. Easily create trends to analyze product quality and system performance. Easy OPC Trender is so easy, you’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC
    The MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC enables any ODBC-compliant database to exchange process data with an OPC Server. Users can easily log data from OPC to their database and write data from their database to OPC without any prior SQL experience. MatrikonOPC Client for DOBC logs process values from an OPC Server to an ODBC Database and populates an OPC Server with data from an ODBC database. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Desktop Historian
    For manufacturers who need to analyze process data, MatrikonOPC Desktop Historian is an affordable, easy to install, data archiving tool. Unlike enterprise process historians that are designed to manage the needs of the entire corporation, MatrikonOPC Desktop Historian focuses on data collection, not data presentation or processing. More Info

      MatrikonOPC A&E Historian
    MatrikonOPC A&E Historian seamlessly collects and stores alarms and events data from any data source into a single repository. It allows operators, technicians, engineers and managers to perform real-time alarm diagnosis as well as analysis of this data for critical alarm system information to effectively manage their facilities. More Info

      MatrikonOPC History Link
    MatrikonOPC History link if the only historical data transfer tool you will ever need. No longer will isolated islands of data plague your operation. A truly flexible and agile tool, MatrikonOPC History Link is for anyone who is currently collecting or storing historical data. This OPC compliant software is a quick and easy way to transfer historical data. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Buffer
    For those who need guaranteed data delivery, MatrikonOPC Buffer is an easy to integrate "store and forward" solution that moves data from any OPC-enabled system to any historian. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer
    High speed data capture for critical events and trips. MatrikonOPC Critical Event Buffer is an off-the-shelf solution for project teams and engineers who need high-resolution logging for critical data points and want data collection at the source. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Client for Crystal Reports
    Bring your OPC data directly into Crystal Reports. The MatrikonOPC Client for Crystal Reports enables ODBC access to any OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) Server. Leverage ODBC analysis and reporting tools for your process historian. For anyone using Crystal Reports or other ODBC-based applications, the MatrikonOPC Client for Crystal Reports enables users to leverage their existing historian rather than having to duplicate the data in a relational database. More Info

      MatrikonOPC HDA Explorer
    HDA Explorer is a free stand-alone tool for verifying historical data through HDA, testing HDA OPC Servers, and troubleshooting connectivity to HDA OPC Servers. In the past, the only way to view and test OPC HDA data was to use full blown analysis tools. This utility enables immediate access to HDA data for testing and troubleshooting.
    More Info

      MatrikonOPC File Collector
    MatrikonOPC File Collector is a robust OPC Client specifically designed to monitor a user specified directory for specified files and automatically imports them to any OPC compliant Historian. Typically MatrikonOPC File Collector searches for Comma Separated Value (CSV) files containing tag Value, Quality, Timestamp ( VQT’s), but is flexible enough to be configured to search for similar data file structures.
    More Info

      Matrikon Condition Manager
    Matrikon Condition Manager (CM) is a tool for engineers and system integrators to quickly and easily setup, deploy, and manage a condition management system which, continually evaluates inputs from all their data sources, feeds results back into the control system in real-time, and generates alarms and notifications as needed More Info




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