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OPC Event Management

MatrikonOPC offers a wide variety of OPC A&E (Alarms and Events) products to store, move, and expose A&E data. Unlike other OPC vendors that provide the bare minimum for data connectivity, MatrikonOPC offers OPC A&E to ensure that you receive all your SOE data.

  • OPC Server for A&E – Create OPC A&E events from real-time OPC values…
  • OPC A&E Explorer – Quickly connect to A&E OPC Server…
  • OPC Messenger – Send email notifications based on the triggered events…
  • OPC A&E Historian – Store A&E data from any data source into one repository…

      MatrikonOPC Alarms and Events Server for Real Time Data
    The MatrikonOPC Alarms & Events (A&E) Server provides real-time OPC alarm data for virtually any legacy alarm-generating system. This product will expose all your alarm printer data using OPC standards based connectivity. More Info

      MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer
    Built for integrators, developers, and others using Alarms and Events via OPC, MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer is a free utility for testing and troubleshooting OPC A&E servers. More Info

      MatrikonOPC Messenger
    MatrikonOPC Messenger,enables you to create custom simple OPC A&E events based on real-time OPC process values, and then send email notifications based on the triggered events. More Info

      MatrikonOPC A&E Historian
    MatrikonOPC A&E Historian seamlessly collects and stores alarms and events data from any data source into a single repository. It allows operators, technicians, engineers and managers to perform real-time alarm diagnosis as well as analysis of this data for critical alarm system information to effectively manage their facilities. More Info




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