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MatrikonOPC UA Suite

New Horizons for Secure Connectivity

MatrikonOPC, early adopters of UA and UA specification editors as part of the OPC Foundation Board of Directors, delivers what the world is really thriving for. MatrikonOPC UA is compliant with the latest OPC Foundation’s UA Specification. Using MatrikonOPC UA technology securely broadens your connectivity horizons, open new market shares, and enables you to achieve ultimate scalability in the automation world today.

If your business can be impacted by weak security and it is incompatible with other vendors, we have the tools to plug-in any OPC architecture securely.

Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller(TM)
Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface to help you get your Classic-to-Classic OPC connectivity and Classic-to-OPC UA bridging up-and-running quickly and efficiently.
Matrikon OPC UA Proxy
Matrikon UA Proxy enables classic OPC based client applications to connect with OPC Unified Architecture (UA) servers running on PCs and embedded directly on UA enabled devices.
UA Wrapper for COM OPC Servers
The MatrikonOPC UA Wrapper for COM OPC Servers enables users to connect to their COM/DCOM based “OPC Classic” servers using the new OPC UA specification. This supported utility wraps COM-based OPC Servers and exposes them as folders in an OPC UA Server’s address space.
MatrikonOPC Adapter For Microsoft StreamInsight
The OPC UA Adapter for Microsoft StreamInsight provides standardized connectivity to the StreamInsight low-latency, complex event processing (CEP) platform. This enables organizations to derive insights from high-throughput, streaming data in near real-time for industrial process control scenarios.
Wonderware ArchestrA Universal APACS Direct Server
The Wonderware ArchestrA Universal APACS Direct Server provides the missing connectivity Siemens Moore APACS owners need to be able to take advantage of the latest versions of the popular Invensys Wonderware HMI. Optimized for high speed data exchange and simple configuration - the Wonderware ArchestrA Universal APACS Direct server is the fastest and easiest method of setting up and sharing data between these two systems.
Wonderware ArchestrA Universal Building Automation Server
Use the Wonderware ArchestrA Universal Building Automation Server to enable Wonderware applications to communicate natively with a broad range of Building Automation data sources. With built in SuiteLink and OPC connectivity to ArchestrA and native support for today’s most popular building automation protocols – this server makes it easier than ever to use Wonderware (WW) applications in Building Management System (BMS) integration projects.

The MatrikonOPC Advantage
MatrikonOPC, the leaders in OPC technology provide significant value to the manufacturing space. The customers of MatrikonOPC rely on MatrikonOPC because MatrikonOPC:

  • Plays a key role in the OPC foundation
  • Have expertise in OPC technology training
  • Have OPC expertise deployed in all parts of the world
  • Have a breadth of OPC device connectivity
  • Serves as a focal point for all aspects of OPC connectivity
  • Works with all vendors to achieve true interoperability
  • Lead in technology innovation
  • Is hardware agnostic
  • Global Presence
    With 18 offices globally, MatrikonOPC is always where the customers are. MatrikonOPC is a publicly traded company that has seen consistent growth year after year. MatrikonOPC is known in all parts of the world as The OPC Experts. Having a global presence enables MatrikonOPC to react quickly to customer problems in the customer’s time zone. MatrikonOPC is the only company in the world with a depth of engineering knowledge and the expertise in designing and implementing advanced OPC-centric data architectures anywhere in the world.

    Taking Interoperability to new levels
    Although the foundation boasts interoperability is achieved through third party compliance testing and interoperability workshops, MatrikonOPC has taken this one step further. MatrikonOPC believes true interoperability is achieved through vendor partnerships. MatrikonOPC works so closely with the major DCS vendors, all major DCS vendors recommend MatrikonOPC be used on projects. As well MatrikonOPC is currently working on co-certification and interoperability testing of commonly used applications. For example, Honeywell is creating a certification program based on the joint work done with MatrikonOPC certification testing on the Triconex OPC server and the Honeywell Experion system. Honeywell and MatrikonOPC both stand behind the Experion-MatrikonOPC driver connectivity. ABB is working with MatrikonOPC on their direct DCS driver connections. Again this is another example of a joint certification program for interoperability.

    Never a follower, always in the driver’s seat, MatrikonOPC has been on the forefront of technology innovation. 40% of revenue from MatrikonOPC is put back into research and development. MatrikonOPC focuses on delivering technology that solves today’s problems today. Some innovations:

  • The first company to create OPC redundancy
  • Invented OPC Tunnelling
  • First to develop OPC guaranteed delivery
  • First company to implement shop floor to the top floor connectivity
  • World’s first and most installed OPC DA client application
  • World’s first non Window’s OPC connectivity
  • World’s first real-time server to server application
  • World’s first (and only) historical data server to server applications
  • World’s first commercially available A&E server
  • Industrial Strength Data Connectivity through Quality and Support
    At MatrikonOPC we take our promise of providing users with reliable OPC technology extremely seriously. We have constructed some of the strictest Quality Assurance standards on the market today. Their mission is to eliminate troublesome issues so that users will have a truly plug-and-play experience.



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