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Expert OPC UA and OPC Training Services

Practical training for busy professionals

Learn the essentials of OPC UA and OPC and how to deploy and maintain OPC UA solutions from Matrikon experts and Matrikon partners.

Whether you need to learn the basics in a clear, easy to understand format to better understand and participate in infrastructure planning conversations or you need in-depth, hands-on, training to effectively deploy and troubleshoot OPC UA solutions– Matrikon has the right course for you.

The courses offer a perfect blend of theoretical explanations of how OPC and the underlying foundation technologies work along with hands-on, practical applications of the material being presented . The instructors are knowledgeable, personable individuals who not only know the material from the point of view of academia, but also have spent extensive time in Matrikon’s development and/or support departments.
Joseph Cody. Data Integration Engineer. Novaspect, Inc

Which course format is right for you?

Matrikon OPC UA Fundamentals: On-Demand Training

For the ultimate in training convenience, the Matrikon OPC UA Learn on Demand course provides you with over 10 hours of training that covers the OPC UA essentials you need to know.

Advantages of the on-line course format include:
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Study and review modules as often as you like throughout your subscription
  • Access the course using virtually any device: iPhone or Android cell phones,tablets, or computer
  • Includes quizzes to test your understanding
  • Includes demos to help you see the theory in action

Private Training

Customize your OPC UA and OPC Classic training to fit your company’s specific needs.

Private Training advantages:
  • you can choose the OPC UA topics you want covered
  • you control who attends: employees-only so company specific questions can be discussed openly
  • Access the course using virtually any device: iPhone or Android cell phones, tablets, or computer
  • Add presenters from your company to maximize company context and make the training event more relevant to employees
  • And more...

Learn More:contact your Matrikon Account Manager or write to

Matrikon Virtual Training [Available Now]

Matrikon virtual training offers you the best of both worlds: Live, hands-on training that covers all the in-depth OPC UA concepts and exercises you need to proficiently work with OPC UA technology without the travel.

This course is recommended for System Integrators, engineers, and IT/OT professionals who will need to implement OPC UA solutions in production environments.

This training qualifies attendees to collect professional development hours.

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