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Download: Harness the true power of Wind with OPC

Harness the true power of Wind with OPCIt is a great time to be in Wind: as the darling of investment banks, energy companies, governments all around the world, investment in this sector has been brisk. With all this excitement in the air, taking a sober look at underlying risk factors may not be popular, but it is good business sense.

Wind operators are currently enjoying an artificially high level of profitability by outsourcing true O&M costs to turbine vendors through warranty programs. As warranties expire, companies that do not have a comprehensive O&M strategy based on open access to turbine data will find themselves at a disadvantage.

By selecting OPC as a standard for data communications, operators can minimize their ongoing cost of implementing an effective O&M strategy and maintain their profitability. They benefit from an open market of tools to enhance their business, and they have the freedom to select the right mix of turbine as their operations grow.

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