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Download: Closing the Data Gap between Pharmaceuticals and CMOs with OPC

Just as real-world relationships require more work than their happily-ever-after movie counterparts portray – ensuring Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and their Pharmaceutical company sponsors can enjoy the full benefits of working together takes a lot more than just signing of an agreement and sharing of recipes. Production of pharmaceutical products requires precise execution of recipes in carefully controlled environments all of which must be meticulously documented to meet quality standards, public safety regulations, and assist in an ongoing effort to maximize yields. Given the reality of two separate organizations working together – a fundamental hurdle CMOs and their clients must overcome is: how to effectively share data with each other. In particular, what format the data needs to be in so that both sides’ systems can work with it, how to overcome communication compatibility barriers, and keeping the sensitive data secure.

This paper examines common data sharing challenges Pharmaceuticals and CMOs face, outlines strategies that keep data sharing simple and successful.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? OPC: Schließen der Datenlücke zwischen Pharmaunternehmen und Auftragsherstellern (Deutsch)
Parlez-vous Français? OPC: Combler le fossé des données entre les établissements pharmaceutiques et les ISTS (en Français)
Parla italiano? OPC: Si colma il gap di dati tra l’industria farmaceutica e le CMO (Italiano)
Speak Russian? OPC: Closing the Data Gap Between Pharmaceuticals and CMOs (Russian)

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