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Download: Keys To Developing an Embedded UA Server

Strong demand for improved access to shop-floor data is driving control automation vendors to make their devices as easy to integrate as possible. Embedded OPC UA presents tremendous opportunities for device vendors to make their products stand out with native open data connectivity that is more secure, easier to integrate in multi-vendor environments, and opens door to new markets due to the widespread use of OPC. This paper discusses the key challenges device vendors must be overcome to successfully harness this breakthrough but complex technology.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Der Schlüssel zur erfolgreichen Entwicklung eines Embedded UA-Servers (Deutsch)
Speak Russian? Путь к созданию встроенного UA-сервера
Onlar Türkçe konusurlar? Embedded UA Server (Gömülü UA Sunucu) Geliştirme için Ana Taktikler (Türkçe)

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