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Download: Matrikon Announces OPC Interface for ESC’s E-DAS Software Suite

Matrikon announces that it has developed the OPCLink Module on behalf of Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) for their E-DAS Expert and E-DAS EMR software packages. ESC is the largest supplier of 40CFR75 data acquisition and handling systems (DAHS).

Matrikon developed the interface in partnership with ESC. Matrikon is a founding member of the OPC Foundation. As the world's leading supplier of OPC products, Matrikon provides open connectivity to every major device on the market and continues to influence OPC technology trends. Matrikon’s products are the culmination of their experience with the latest object oriented design techniques, the Microsoft Platform, and over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of device specific communication drivers. To date, Matrikon had developed over 500 interfaces to meet the demands of today’s process control industry.

The E-DAS OPCLink is a full OPC server that surpasses DA/HDA standards and the capabilities of most OPC interfaces. Functional capabilities include:

  • Read/write data access (with write protection capability)
  • Synchronous / Asynchronous data transfer
  • Communication with any OPC DA/HDA compliant client
  • ODBC interface through OPC-ODBC Client Module, for transfer to Oracle,
  • SQL Server, Sybase, etc.
  • Historical data capability to manage data changes due to editing, data substitution, fuel analysis, or other retroactive actions that affect historical data values
  • Remote control of status points and calibration control sequences
  • Multiple E-DAS servers can use a single OPC Client

This interface can be used to build corporate-level allowance tracking applications, data int

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