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Download: Access OPC UA Data Using a Classic OPC Client

As adoption of OPC UA based technologies continues to accelerate, so does the need to properly integrate the new OPC UA based data sources (devices and applications) into existing Classic OPC based architectures. This integration of Classic OPC and OPC UA technologies is critical because the massive investment into existing Classic OPC infrastructure by companies is too high to be simply ‘ripped-and-replaced’ by the new OPC UA based technology.

For this reason, this whitepaper first provides a high level overview of the key differences between Classic OPC and OPC UA technologies to help you understand why Classic OPC and OPC UA components do not connect directly with each other. Next, this paper explains, in simple terms, how you can easily overcome these differences using a simple bridging component called an OPC UA Proxy. Finally, this paper gives a real world, step-by-step example how an OPC UA Proxy is setup and used.

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Zugriff auf OPC UA-Daten mit einem Klassik OPC-Client (Deutsch)
Speak Russian? Доступ к данным OPC UA с помощью клиента Classic OPC

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