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Download: Eliminating data loss from remote facilities

Your SCADA system provides you critical information about your process. If you lose connectivity to this information then it can cause serious problems from lost efficiency, environmental fines, and even production loss. To ensure that this does not happen there are several things that you will need to consider in your process control environment.

  • Do your operators need local access to this data?
  • Do you need immediate access to the remote data, or can the data arrive later as long as no data is lost?
  • Does this data need to be encrypted when it’s being transmitted? Do you need to protect this data from external threats?
  • How much bandwidth is available between your remote facilities? Can it handle the amount of data you are requesting?

These topics are discussed in detail in the following article: Eliminating data loss from remote facilities. 

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Verhinderung des Datenverlustes bei Remoteeinrichtungen
¿Habla Español? Eliminando las pérdidas la de datos de instalaciones remotas(Español)

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