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Download: GUIDE | Data Connectivity Toolbox Essentials

Today, secure, reliable access to local and remote control automation data is must. Question is: what tools are best for the job and what purpose do they serve?

From unreliable SCADA connections and locked down industrial networks to traversing shop-floor-to-business DMZs, data connectivity can quickly become a difficult and expensive undertaking. Fortunately, using just three Matrikon applications makes easy work of this challenge. These applications are Matrikon OPC Tunneller, Matrikon OPC Desktop Historian, and Matrikon OPC History Link.

This guide explains how and why these tools help you to easily:
  • Share data between different shop floor network domains
  • Work with IT to span operations to business DMZs
  • Communicate over unreliable satellite networks
  • Guarantee remote data is centralized

To best understand how each tool works, download this guide.

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