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Download: [Free eBook] OPC UA vs. Classic OPC: Why Switch and How to Do It

If you are new to OPC or have used it for years and want to know what’s new: get the knowledge you need about the differences between OPC Classic and today’s OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) data connectivity, why you should migrate, and how to get started by downloading your complimentary copy of the “OPC UA vs. OPC Classic: Why Switch and How To Get Started” eBook now.

Co-written by Darek Kominek, author of the popular Matrikon “Everyman’s Guide to OPC Series” and Stan Brubaker from Beeond Inc. this ebook provides a simple, easy to understand overview of:

  • How OPC Classic and OPC UA compare on key issues like security, reliability, information modeling, and more
  • How to mix and migrate OPC Classic and OPC UA technologies in existing infrastructure
  • First steps for getting started
  • and more…

Download your copy of this eBook for FREE now and learn about the power and flexibility of OPC UA and how you can take advantage of it today.


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