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Download: [Free eBook] Practical OPC UA Security - What You Need to Know


Secure data connectivity in control automation is a hot topic (and a deep concern) in the rapidly evolving IIoT/I4.0 era. With demand for the shop floor, remote location, and cloud data connectivity booming, end-users and software developers in the control automation industry need a clear understanding of key data connectivity security concepts, what the threats are, and how they can be mitigated using OPC UA, a core IIoT and I4.0 data interoperability standard.

For a concise, easy to understand OPC UA security backgrounder, download this eBook “Practical OPC UA Security – What you need to know” to learn:

  • How OPC UA establishes trust between systems trying to exchange data
  • What end-users and developers need to know about implementing a secure OPC UA infrastructure
  • Why different OPC UA connectivity methods are available for local and remote connectivity and when to use them
  • How OPC UA security compares with other data connectivity standards like MQTT
  • and more!

  • Download NOW this eBook and learn all you need to know about Security with OPC UA!

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