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Download: OPC Complex Data (OPC CPX) 1.00 Specification

This specification describes how to represent and access complex data within the existing OPC Data Access (DA) framework. It also describes how existing complex type systems such as the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Schema can be used to describe complex data.

This specification is intended as reference material for developers of OPC compliant Client and Server applications. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the OPC Data Access specifications, Microsoft COM/DCOM technology, XML schemas, and the needs of the Process Control industry.

This specification is intended to facilitate development of OPC DA Servers in C and C++, and of OPC DA Client applications in the language of choice. Therefore, the developer of the respective component is expected to be fluent in the technology required for the specific component.

The deliverables from the OPC Foundation with respect to the OPC Complex Data Project include the OPC Complex Data 1.00 Specification and OPC Complex Data 1.00 sample code, available from the OPC Foundation Web Site.

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