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Download: OPC Data Access (OPC DA) 2.05a Specification

This particular document deals specifically with the OPC Data Access Interfaces.

This specification is intended as reference material for developers of OPC compliant Clients and Servers. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with Microsoft OLE/COM technology and the needs of the Process Control industry.

This specification is intended to facilitate development of OPC Servers in C and C++, and of OPC client applications in the language of choice. Therefore, the developer of the respective component is expected to be fluent in the technology required for the specific component.

The deliverables from the OPC Foundation with respect to the OPC Data Access Specification 2.0 include the OPC Specification itself, OPC IDL files (included in this document as Appendices) and the OPC Error header files (included in this document). As a convenience, standard proxystub DLLs and a standard Data Access Header file for the OPC interfaces generated directly from the IDL will be provided at the OPC Foundation Web Site.

This OPC Data Access specification contains design information for the following:

  1. The OPC Data Access Custom Interface - This document will describe the Interfaces and Methods of OPC Components and Objects.
  2. The OPC Data Access Automation Interface - A Separate Document (The OPC Data Access Automation Specification 2.0) will describe the OPC Automation Interfaces which facilitate the use of Visual Basic, Delphi and other Automation enabled products to interface with OPC Servers.

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