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Download: OPC Tunnelling: Increases Data Availability for OPC DA, HDA and A&E

OPC is the current de facto open communication standard in the world of industrial connectivity. It offers improved data connectivity, while dramatically lowering the cost of data transfer between devices and applications. The most widely used OPC specifications, collectively called OPC Classic, employ communications layered on top of various Microsoft operating system components commonly referred to as DCOM. These components function very well under office like LAN conditions (high bandwidth and reliable connections), but under less favorable conditions, their behavior often leads to unreliable data delivery, and even data loss. OPC Tunnelling technology provides an industry proven solution to this problem.

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Tunneln von OPC Verbindungen: Gesteigerte Datenverfügbarkeit für OPC DA, HDA und A&E (Deutsch)
¿Habla Español? OPC Tunnelling: Aumenta la disponibilidad de datos para OPC DA, HDA y A&E (Español)
Speak Russian? OPC Tunnelling: улучшение доступности данных для OPC DA, HDA и A&E
Onlar Türkçe konusurlar? OPC Tunnelling: OPC DA, HDA and A&E için Veri Güvenilirligini Artirir (Türkçe)”
Speak Chinese? OPC Tunnelling: Increases Data Availability for OPC DA, HDA and A&E (Chinese)

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