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Download: OPC Client for ODBC User Manual

The Matrikon OPC Client for ODBC enables any ODBC-compliant database to exchange process data with an OPC Server. This application uses standard SQL queries.

There are two main uses for the OPC Client for ODBC:
  • Archive process values from an OPC server to an ODBC database. An ODBC
    database can become a miniature process historian, and this application can
    place the data in permanent storage. Any trending or analysis tool can then
    be used to retrieve the data from the ODBC database.
  • Populate an OPC Server with data from an ODBC database. For example, gas
    chromatograph data, stored in a database, can be written into an OPC server
    by way of this application.
  • Other features include:
  • Support for ODBC compliant databases such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft
    SQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc.
  • Communication between multiple ODBC databases with multiple OPC servers,
    including concurrent sessions with the same server
  • SQL-based query engine that allows both reading and writing
  • Real-time editor that allows query changes even while the application is
  • Point-and-click interface supporting drag and drop operation
  • Support for transaction-based updates
  • Runs as a Windows NT Service
  • Supports stored procedures
  • XML configuration file
  • **Connectivity issues? Matrikon OPC workshops can help!** More info

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