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Download: OPC: The Ins and Outs to What It's About (The Every Man's Guide to OPC)

In today's' world, automation is used prominently in every major industry. While different industries often use different specialized devices, control systems and applications, they all share a common rapidly growing challenge - how to share data amongst all these components and the rest of the enterprise.
OPC is the solution - it solves the problem of communication between devices, controllers and applications. It is a standardized approach to data connectivity that does not get caught up in the usual custom-drive based connectivity problems.
Read this guide to learn the ABCs of OPC and how it can solve your data connectivity issues!

Parlez-vous Français? OPC: tenants et aboutissants «Le Guide OPC pour tout le monde»(en Français)
¿Habla Español? OPC: ¿De qué se trata, y cómo funciona? “Guía para entender la Tecnología OPC” (en español)
Parla italiano? I dettagli: di cosa si tratta - Il manuale OPC per tutti (Italiano)
Speak Chinese? The Every Man's' Guide to OPC (Chinese version)
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? OPC – was ist das eigentlich? Das OPC-Handbuch für Jedermann (Deutsch)
Speak Russian? OPC: все, что необходимо знать
Onlar Türkçe konusurlar? OPC: Içi, Disi - Nedir bu OPC ? “Herkes için OPC El Kitabi
Falar Português?

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