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Download: History is Built with a Hub and Spoke

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The Hub and Spoke wheels of the Red River carts or Buckboards of the early pioneers played an important part in the history of Western Canada. The ubiquitous, robust and versatile hub-and-spoke contraptions were instrumental in the life of the West’s original entrepreneurs. Today the hub-and-spoke design is instrumental in creating an OPC standards based architecture for the collection and analysis of historical process data.

Spoke wheeled carts were used for everything by everyone. That’s because even in the past people recognized the benefits of standardization. OPC is a published industrial standard for system inter-connectivity. Its purpose is to provide a standards-based infrastructure for the exchange of process control data. OPC HDA, or Historical Data Access is the OPC standard used to exchange archived process data between an application and any data-archive in a consistent manner. OPC HDA enables enterprise-wide interoperability because all applications that rely on historical data can finally rely on a single industrial standard that is supported by all key vendors.

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