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Download: OPC Server for OMNI Flow Computers Download

OPC OMNI Flow Computers DownloadThe MatrikonOPC Server for OMNI Flow Computers provides interoperable and secure connectivity to OMNI Flow 3000 and 6000 computers and your critical metering data. This OPC Server is the only industrially secure product that supports the OMNI-enhanced version of Modbus for superior functionality.

The MatrikonOPC Server for OMNI Flow Computers gives users the ability to pick from an automatically generated list of tags – eliminating the chore of manually mapping out Modbus addresses. It also provides secure access to OMNI text reports, support for redundant communication channels or devices, and custom OMNI data packet optimization. Users can subscribe to the OPC Server’s OPC A&E channel to be notified automatically when new text reports are available from the device.


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