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Download: FeedForward Inc. Implements Environmental and Reporting System

FeedForward was commissioned to help a client transform a time-intensive manual data entry procedure into an efficient automated process. Furthermore, the real-time and historical data needed to be accessed by engineers and management for environmental monitoring purposes. To help out, FeedForward approached Matrikon to provide the connectivity required to make the project successful.

Jim Urban, an applications engineer with FeedForward, was the project engineer responsible for the design, configuration, programming, and implementation of this particular project. The project revolved around being able to move data from a Fisher-Rosemount DCS to Intellution's iHistorian. Ultimately, engineers and managers wanted to be able to view real-time and historical data on their desktop and import that data easily into Excel. Their biggest challenge was the connectivity issue. This is where Matrikon stepped up to the plate to offer the answer. Matrikon's OPC server for Fisher-Rosemount RS3 RNI provided the interface required to connect a Fisher-Rosemount DCS with Intellution's iHistorian.

The project was deemed to be very successful. FeedForward was able to provide environmental monitoring of real-time and historical data via the web to managers and engineers. What was once an inflexible system has become an efficient tool for analyzing and optimizing processes.

Jim Urban says, "My experience with Matrikon has been great. The software works as advertised and technical support was helpful in answering my questions." Future plans call for adding more points and reports.

With offices located in Atlanta, Tulsa, and Decatur, IL, FeedForward is engaged in process control projects using Foxboro, Honeywell, Rosemount, Yokogawa, and Allen-Bradley based control systems for clients located throughout the United States. They have been meeting customers' needs for control systems engineering and information technology for 16 years. Their key to success is the commitment and proven process they have for control system design, configuration, testing and startup.

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