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Download: Matrikon helps Graco's customers monitor spray systems and increase efficiency using MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus

Being able to control quality and monitor the amount of materials consumed is key to operating efficient plants, production lines and overall business.  Graco realizes that their customers demand this of them and as a result, contacted Matrikon to help them with their spray systems.  Graco needed a way for their customers to deliver production information such as how much paint was used, recipes, alarm logs, and other quality assurance data from the finishing line to the Operation Manager's office PC.

Graco has prominently influenced the fluid handling industry since 1926.  Their applications include spray finishing and paint circulation, lubrication, sealants and adhesives along with power application equipment for the contractor industry.  With offices and distribution spanning throughout the world, Graco is leading the industry.

Brent Huhta of Graco was involved in the project that directed Matrikon to develop AMR 1.0 (Advanced Material Reporting) Client Software in addition to the Modbus driver interface.  AMR 1.0 collected data and monitored the activity of Graco's PrecisionMix II plural component spray system ratio controller.  AMR 1.0 enabled Production Managers to monitor volumes, recipes, alarm logs and other data coming from the finishing line.

The implementation went smoothly and was deemed a success. Plant floor information is now accessible from the Operation Manager's desk allowing for better monitoring of time and resources and subseq

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