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Download: hExeis Improves Security and Eliminates DCOM Headaches using Matrikon OPC Tunneller

hExeis opc tunneller case study“OPC Tunneller is an elegant solution compared to the native DCOM solution. It provides better security, is easier to support and allows our clients to access our servers without needing to be DCOM experts.”
— Conrad van Rooyen, Sales and Marketing Director, hExeis


hExeis uses OPC to establish communications between energy monitoring systems and building management systems. Using native DCOM presents a number of challenges related to system security, as well as DCOM interoperability between different versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems and computers in different Microsoft security domains and workgroups.

Download this case study to learn how hExeis improved security and eliminated DCOM Headaches using MatrikonOPC's Tunneller.

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