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Download: Effective OPC Security for Control Systems - Solutions you can bank on

OPC Security WhitepaperFor the past decade, industrial control systems administrators and engineers wanted to believe that ‘air gaps’ truly existed between their systems and the rest of the world. They have also hoped that ‘security by obscurity’ would keep them safe from security threats. Those days are over - recent security incidents such as the Stuxnet worm that attacked Siemens WinCC and PCS7 systems in Iran and the remote sabotage of a Texas power utility are a wakeup call for the industrial automation industry. These aggressive and targeted attacks shed light on just how vulnerable and exposed automation systems really are. They also give us a glimpse of the future of the threats to industry. Ultimately they provide a clear warning: secure your control and automation systems or the reliability and safety of your entire operation is at risk.

While the consequences of cyber attacks and malware are no longer in doubt, the question remains, “Exactly how can an engineer reliably secure his or her control system”?

This white paper outlines a simple and cost effective answer – a security solution based on OPC technology that can be deployed in almost any industrial facility today.

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¿Habla Español? Seguridad OPC: Efectividad para los Sistemas de Control” (en español)
Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Effektive OPC-Sicherheit für Steuerungssysteme – Lösungen, auf die Sie zählen können (Deutsch)
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