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Matrikon® Data Broker

Version 1.3

Matrikon Data Broker establishes and manages data access to your 3rd party control automation data sources regardless if the connections are across the shop-floor, throughout your enterprise, or to the cloud.

Developed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era, the Matrikon® Data Broker application prioritizes end-user ease-of-use and convenience by solving complex, age-old IT/OT gap challenges “under-the-hood” – so end-users don’t have to.

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Use Cases: If you need to… Matrikon® Data Broker Functionality
Communicate securely between 3rd party OPC UA components separated by Firewalls and DMZs
Matrikon® Data Broker enables you to easily setup and control secure, OPC UA communications between all your OPC UA components without the need to open in-bound firewall ports.
Consolidate access to data from multiple 3rd party data sources via a single access point
Matrikon Data Broker makes it easy to federate data sources.

Use it to:
  • Minimize connections underlying 3rd party data sources
  • Funnel high volumes of data from many sources via a single connection
  • Setup an easy to manage architecture
Manage OPC UA infrastructure and access remotely
Matrikon Data Broker is built for remote connectivity.
  • Drill-down technology enables you to manage multiple Matrikon Data Broker nodes via a single connection.

Simulate OPC UA data sources for testing purposes
Matrikon Data Broker enables you to create multiple data sources and automatically federates them.
Use Container based applications
Matrikon Data Broker is available as a Linux Container. You can get it directly from the Matrikon website or from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
Send shop-floor data to cloud using a cloud service of your choice.
Matrikon Data Broker has been tested and approved for use with :
  • AWS SiteWise
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Honeywell Forge
  • And more…

Architecture Overview
Use Matrikon Data Broker on the operating system of your choice. Run it as either a local application or as a Linux container.

Download Matrikon Data Broker
Matrikon Data Broker supports multiple operating systems and environments. Please download the version of Matrikon Data Broker best suited to your environment.

The Windows and Linux versions of Matrikon Data Broker come bundled with the Matirkon OPC UA Explorer, the graphical user interface for managing Matrikon Data Broker. For the Linux container version of Matrikon Data Broker, please download of version of Matrikon OPC UA Explorer of your choice.

Matrikon Data Broker Version Download to use
Linux Container

Note : Download either the Linux or Windows version of Matrikon OPC UA Explorer to configure this version of Matrikon Data Broker

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