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Download: MetMex Peñoles Solves Connectivity Issue with MatrikonOPC's Allen Bradley OPC Server

Like many companies, MetMex Peñoles discovered a need to exchange data between two OPC servers. However there was a problem. Theoretically, two OPC servers cannot exchange data – they are only able to respond to requests. It did not take MetMex Peñoles long to learn that Matrikon had the answer; OPC Data Manager – a simple solution right out of the box!

Since 1887, MetMex Peñoles has been one of Mexico's leading industrial groups that focuses on the utilization of non-renewable natural resources. With over 9,000 employees, MetMex Peñoles is the world’s largest producer of refined silver, metallic bismuth and sodium sulfate. MetMex Peñoles is publicly traded on the stock exchange and is comprised of more than 50 companies.

Jorge Cano, a Process Control Engineer with MetMex Peñoles, headed up a project within a wastewater plant where he needed to exchange information between an Allen Bradley PLC OPC Server and an Emerson Process DeltaV DCS. Both devices were already running OPC servers therefore what Mr. Cano needed was a double headed OPC client. Matrikon’s OPC Data Manager (ODM) was the answer. ODM allowed the two OPC servers to exchange data seamlessly. Once installed, tags were easily mapped by dragging and dropping them from one device to the second device within the ODM interface. With lots of options such as scaling and redundancy, Mr. Cano was able to easily configure ODM for his specific environment.

One of the reason's Mr. Cano chose Matrikon's OPC Data Manager was that it was OPC compliant. As a result, it was compatible with any OPC compliant server - regardless of what vendor developed it.

Before long, the project was deemed a success! Mr. Cano went onto say that "ODM was very successful! OPC Data Manager is a powerful, easy to use, and very friendly tool with a lot of helpful options. Communication between OPC servers is quick and easy."

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