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Spartan Controls was contracted by Petro-Canada, a major Canadian oil company, to replace the SCADA system at their gas plant in Edson, Alberta, Canada. The purpose was to tie an existing telemetry-based SCADA system into the current plant control infrastructure – an Emerson DeltaV Scalable Process Control System.

Supervisory control changes such as setting tuning parameters and changing gas composition are all done from the Emerson DeltaV System, including trending and reporting. Out in the field, Fisher ROC RTUs collect wellhead data important for controlling gas processing. Being able to tie field RTUs into the main DeltaV System helped the plant more effectively manage their processes.

OPC, a published standard for multi-vendor device connectivity, was used to connect the two systems. Both the ROC RTUs and the DeltaV System were equipped with OPC servers. To facilitate the transfer of data between the OPC Servers, Matrikon’s OPC Data Manager (ODM) was installed. ODM is a double-headed OPC client used to connect and share data between two or more OPC servers.

In 2000, Spartan Controls commissioned Matrikon to build a SCADA-class OPC server for Fisher ROC RTUs. Spartan and Matrikon worked together to build a robust server that efficiently facilitated data communication.

The integration has proved successful and the new SCADA system is working reliably for the gas plant, even as new Fisher ROC RTUs are being added to the infrastructure. As a result of the project, Petro-Canada has been able to avoid maintaining two separate systems, saving them in costs of ownership, training and maintenance resources.

Spartan Controls is an independently owned Local Business Partner of Emerson Process Management and other leading compan

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