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Download: ECCOS inzenjering Optimizes Distribution in Critical Application for Gas Manufacturer Using Matrikon OPC

"We chose Matrikon because we were looking for a robust OPC server with modem support and other required features. We were especially pleased with the Matrikon OPC server's programmability. As a result the server we integrated is working perfectly."
Aleksandar Dujmovic
Applications Engineer, ECCOS inzenjering

Messer Croatiaplin, a Croatian industrial gas manufacturer, supplies gases to hospitals and industrial users. Traditionally the gas levels in tanks at customer sites were monitored by the customer, who would then report low levels. Messer Croatiaplin needed to centrally monitor the level of gases in tanks at users’ premises. This would enable them to optimally schedule the distribution of gases to users in various locations to ensure continuous supply in critical situations.

OPC DriverMesser retained ECCOS inzenjering, an integrator based in Zagreb, Croatia, to implement a solution. Tanks at 6 remote user locations were each equipped with differential pressure transmitters to monitor the level of gases in each tank. These analog transmitters were wired into Schneider Electric Twido Controllers, each equipped with a Wavecom WMOD2 GSM Modem. To monitor the tanks, a PC running Iconics Genesis 32 HMI was configured at Messer’s dispatch center. To complete the connection between the OPC-equipped Genesis 32 HMI and the Twido controllers speaking Modbus, Matrikon’s OPC Server for Modbus SCADA was installed and configured. Heading up the project was ECCOS applications engineer Aleksandar Dujmovic.

"This was ECCOS’ first experience with Matrikon OPC," Dujmovic says. "We chose Matrik

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